Mixers and agitators

Mixers are used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries for medias that doesn't use solid parts. Mixers are made for use CIP. All parts that are in contact with medias are made out of stainless steel, AISI 304, AISI 316L. Depending of the media, development and manufacture of special mixers is possible. Embeddings are made out of casing PTFL. Temperature of the liquid: Mixer is made for use with liquids up to 90° C.

Assembly parts: Mixer consists out of electromotor, motoreductor, casing clip and lobed mixer. Various models ideal for mixing and circulation of liquids of different density, such as side mixers, triblender (mixing of powders in the flow), frame mixers, frame mixers with scrapers, dissolving agitators, turbine mixers, ... Material: stainless steel.