Reservoirs, vessels, tanks and siloses

Tanks and vessels are designed for receiving and storing media in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the media who do not have hard parts. All parts coming into contact with the fluid are made of stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L. Designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Volume: up to 300m 3

The pressure inside the vessel depends on its purpose and volume Court. Depending on the need for maintenance and regulation of temperature, tanks and vessels can be provided with a heating spiral through which the medium for heating / cooling, or electric heaters.

Tanks and courts depending on the requirements provided with appropriate:
  • measuring and control equipment (control of liquid level, temperature, sampling, etc.)
  • connectors for connecting the technological line (threaded, prirubički ...)
  • mixer (when jepotrebno prevent blood clots, grease separation, etc.)
  • equipment to prevent exceeding the prescribed operating parameters (safety valves, overflows, vents, non-return valves and vacuum etc.)
Depending on external conditions and the need to maintain a certain temperature working fluid, can be isolated and insulated. Insulation is usually performed with mineral wool, which is placed between the tread and the basic court.